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The silicone injection molding machine features

by:Hisson     2020-10-02
With the continuous development of injection molding machine industry, the demand of the injection molding machine is also increasing, the application of silicone injection molding machine has also been gradually increasing. What about the silicone injection molding machine features? Injection molding machine manufacturer with us to know about the below. 1. Excellent insulation properties, suitable for high quality or high technical electronic plug. 2. LSR materials suitable for high temperature or low temperature environment, use at 200 ℃ in either high or low to - 40 ℃, the insulation of the material properties, mechanical properties and physical properties remain unchanged. 3. Gasification and aging resistance, and so can be used in outdoor applications. 4. To disinfect and can be used for medical supplies and baby products. 5. Oil resistance, can be used in the oil industry. 6. Plunger can be used in accordance with the different skateboard collocation, and are free to adjust the itinerary. Ejection force between the speed and demoulding, thimble number can also be in accordance with the need to set in advance. Knowledge about silicone injection molding machine we can share the injection molding machine manufacturer here today.
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