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The silicone injection molding machine what are its main characteristics

by:Hisson     2020-10-04
Life in the vast majority of plastic products by injection molding machine injection molding, and in a wide range of injection molding machine, silicone injection molding machine with more stable injection force, more secure and higher precision of injection molding products and used for injection demanding higher precision plastic products. It to be so for the vertical injection molding machine, what are the main features? Learn about the with injection molding machine manufacturer. 1. LSR material is generally used to use in high temperature or low temperature environment, and silicone injection molding machine is suitable for the requirement, at 200 ℃ in either high or low to - 40 ℃, the insulation of the material properties, mechanical properties and physical properties remain the same. 2. Silicone injection molding machine with resistance to gasification and anti-aging properties, so for the outdoor injection molding, silicone injection molding machine is suitable, and widely used. 3. Silicone injection molding machine also has other do not have the function of injection molding machine, which is able to disinfection, disinfection requirements for products, like medical supplies and baby products is usually need to disinfect, which is also the silicone injection molding machine has another feature. 4. Have good insulation, more suitable for high quality or high technical electronic plug. 5. Apply to oil industry. Silicone injection molding machine is widely used in all kinds of silicone products injection molding industry, because have these advantages, so the silicone injection molding machine for various applications in the field of injection molding.
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