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The temperature control of vertical injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2021-01-07
Vertical injection molding machine for the temperature control is an important step for injection molding process, normally vertical injection molding machine injection molding process of the temperature control mainly includes: the temperature of the hopper, the temperature of the nozzle, and mold temperature. The previous two temperature mainly affects the plastic molding and flow, behind said temperature is mainly influence plastic flow and cooling. The following injection molding machine manufacturer with us to get to know about the temperature control of the vertical injection molding machine. For the hopper temperature control is mainly take into account the characteristics of the plastic, especially in the plastic flow temperature and melting point. In addition, we also should take into account the plastic, the thermal stability of the molecular weight and its distribution, filling agent and strengthening agent, product and mold design, and injection device, etc. Temperature of vertical injection molding machine nozzle, because when the melt through the nozzle material will be increased with the increase of shear rate and temperature, so the nozzle temperature is slightly less than the highest temperature cylinder. Generally speaking, the factors influencing the polymerization liquid, before molding, should pass & other The air injection & throughout; Or & other Products throughout the intuitive analysis &; To adjust to identify the best temperature and good vertical injection molding machine cylinder nozzle temperature. And the vertical injection molding machine mold temperature, choice depends on the temperature of the polymer crystallization, the size of the products and the structure performance requirements, etc. For the control of the temperature, the for the influence factors of vertical injection molding machine for injection molding, so need to have a good handle.
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