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The temperature of the vertical injection molding machine mold

by:Hisson     2020-08-01
Vertical injection molding machine to tell you only injection mold temperature control is good we won't be affected, in order to produce qualified quality products, so from what details do we can control the temperature of the mold and the liquidity is under control? Different raw material performance, they have different process technology characteristics, the mold temperature on the table the quality liquidity, shrinkage rate, the influence of the injection molding cycle, is must control factors in the plastics processing and manufacturing. Research shows that 24% of the waste is caused by improper mold temperature. Therefore, from the injection molding, blow molding to the extrusion of all kinds of plastic vertical injection molding machine processing widely used in the field of mould temperature control system, to heat the mold to the working temperature, and keep the mold temperature in a certain precision scope. Vertical injection molding machine mold temperature on the influence of workpiece is: 1, if vertical injection molding machine, mold control system design, improper selection, not only unable to improve the efficiency of product molding, stable product quality and reduce scrap rate, also the other equipment automation improvement. Correct selection of the appropriate mold temperature control system can consider from the following aspects. To determine the plastic processing technology demands of various kinds of plastic raw materials mold temperature processing and mold temperature, mold temperature is different. “ All kinds of vertical injection molding machine of plastic moulds thermometer & throughout; Presents some main plastic processing required for mold temperature. To determine the die temperature machine, heat transfer medium type mold temperature control system, and the working principle for pump driven heat transfer medium ( Usually in the form of water or oil) From water tank has a built-in heater and cooler to mold, then back to the tank from the mold. 2, vertical injection molding machine controller according to the temperature sensor measurement of thermal fluid temperature, and/or internal temperature of the mold, to regulate the temperature of the thermal fluid flow to regulate the temperature of the mold. According to the type of heat transfer medium used, die temperature machine is water type mold temperature machine, pressure water mold temperature machine or oil type mold temperature machine.
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