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The two systems of vertical injection molding machine structure of vertical injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-08-31
With the development of machinery industry rapidly, vertical injection molding machine has become the indispensable mechanical injection molding factory. So, want to hae left vertical injection molding machine maintenance work, we must understand the two systems of vertical injection molding machine. Mechanical system and electrical system. One, the mechanical system; Mechanical system includes the body, the clamping mechanism and shot three parts, 1, the body is generally adopted plates welded together, it is the framework of vertical injection molding machine, is a fixed pump, hydraulic parts, frame structure of the electrical components, must be stable and strong. 2, vertical injection molding machine clamping mechanism it is formed by four elder brother Lin Zhu, dynamic templates and flexure elbow etc. That are made with high hardness alloy steel, has the characteristics of high hardness, high wear resistance, ensure mold opening and closing action mechanism. 3, vertical injection molding machine is composed of motor, cylinder and hopper, the motor is inside the screw rotation of power transmission system, through the rotation of the screw feed mixing materials, hot melt chamber cylinder is plasticizing. Two electrical system, electrical system is the control system of the vertical injection molding machine, mainly according to the predetermined rules give the instruction is established that system of components of complete dynamic, specific points and weaknesses high-voltage electrical system and control system for high voltage system by motor, motor protector and a lot of ac contactor. Weaknesses system controlled by the solenoid valve, integrated circuits, circuit boards, etc. Vertical injection molding machine factory advice general company is equipped with two professional maintenance personnel, in the process of vertical injection molding machine maintenance, in accordance with the relevant safety regulation, maintenance must be in the process of power first!
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