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The use of injection molding machine manipulator controller before the machine injection molding machine factory

by:Hisson     2020-11-15
With the rapid development of era, the injection molding machine has become very common in the field and to use in the process of the injection molding machine in a factory, we must understand its related matters. Such as the use of injection molding machine manipulator controller before manipulator accessories what we should pay attention to some matters. Injection molding machine factory here today to share about this aspect of knowledge. A. Manipulator accessories ontology: manipulator ontology organization basically divided into two categories, one is operating institutions of ontology, it was similar to the man's arm and wrist ( Finished arm to draw or take the finished product, head to head arm clip material. ) , deserve to go up after all sorts of gripper and terminal operator can do all kinds of grasping motion and operation work, industrial robots mainly adopts this kind of structure. Another kind of ontology for the mobile type structure, main purpose is to realize the function of mobile, leg, foot wheel, crawler type main structure and sinusoidal movement, creep, deformation, etc. 2. Company's products are appropriate controller, with full servo manipulator using injection molding machine manipulator controller generally have two plate mold: three three board mould. Later in the design of die will & quot; Subsequent to use throughout the whole servo manipulator controller &; Don't have this idea into consideration, such as large torque, artificial to get have very big difficulty, manipulator is not ideal to pick it up, and so on. Four. Manipulator with some problems may occur after 1. Vacuum, special environmental protection, will not pollute the environment, no light, heat, electromagnetic, etc. It does not hurt the workpiece. Vacuum suction cup because it is made of rubber material, draw down or workpiece workpiece will not cause any damage. Vacuum suction cups and hook type spreader and wire type spreader doesn't (work well). In some industries, the whole servo manipulator controller parts surface is particularly strict, can only use the vacuum suction cups. 2. Technical personnel in the use of proficiency is not enough, cause the manipulator utilization rate is not high, such as different products to adjust the whole servo manipulator controller parts fixture, technical personnel not skilled and tuned out; Where there called fixture products, some products also can use suction cups, easy loss because it usually made of rubber and direct contact with the object, the serious wear and tear, so soon. Not a whole servo manipulator controller accessories magnetic chuck, it can only be used on the steel, the board that other materials or objects can't be sucked. Finally, the injection molding machine factory has also pointed out that in May encounter when using manipulator robot controller always alarm & quot; Emergency stop? This needs confirmation STOP terminals grounded on the relay board, for oblique arm system, the STOP near the input terminals LS, for light horizontal type system, STOP beside the lock mode allows terminals have four white terminals. Then concatenated two switch is used, to master the positive answer 24 v of the ceiling, negative ground, output negative increase the limit of the cathode, pair up the limit of the anode to 24 v, deputy rise of input output by the rise of this system. And in the molding machine output clamping signals disconnect die off in place.
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