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The vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine can do

by:Hisson     2020-09-17
Machinery industry of injection molding machine can do? By vertical injection molding machine company tell you next. Injection molding machine is used for mould manufacturing plastic products, nylon products, such as special equipment automation. Mentioned pressure, heating the working process of the injection molding machine, clamping, glue, pressure, mould, etc. Within a work cycle, the change in the actual pressure and the actual flow is injection molding machine, when the small, sometimes close to zero. In the actual flow is small, the oil pump load is far greater than the actual consumption and supply, surplus under a state of high pressure hydraulic oil of the entire flow through the relief valve. High pressure condition of the oil in the hydraulic overflow valve after release a large amount of heat, this part of the energy dissipation is actually part of the oil pump motor absorbs energy from the grid.
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