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The vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine can not be open mode failure analysis

by:Hisson     2020-09-13
In everyday in the process of injection molding machine for repair, we often encounter can not open mould failure. So, unable to open mold of the main reasons: pressure no action, pressure action, no pressure no action three failure to imagine. The precision of vertical injection molding machine manufacturer with everyone together to learn more about. 1. Have no action first look at the output pressure plate cavity valve shows that the light is not bright, light, if that computer output is normal, there is something wrong with the computer to open mold valve line, the simplest way is to a man with a small pencil top mould opening valve, another person to open the action, if can smoothly after top mould, is confirm the route, to pull a thread can solve, Circuit problem) 。 2. Pressure mould actions, but can't open mold that normal output board, output plate to the valve circuit is normal. : there are four kind of situations: the first one clamping cylinder piston fastening screws, screw in the hair in cylinder, piston rod stuck. The second: mechanical lock, the best way to lock down the mold tubing, operating with a jack and this won't cause mechanical damage. The third: machine ground fixed cause (caused by Such as ground edge burn, etc. ) 。 Fourth: (which is caused by the interference of Oil and circuit) , in the event of a valve core, and cavity movement situation, oil pump injection mould opening to reach the required pressure and flow rate, of course also cannot open mould; Another kind of interference is the interference of the circuit, such as mould line and the open wire have mutually, because the mould valve and the open valve work at the same time, the pressure is about 20 kilograms, also can't open mold. 3. No pressure no action but check for normal computer output plate, pressure speed, output cavity valve, computer homepage has showed that this kind of circumstance, we will check the other actions, such as shoot, shoot a found all normal, explain this phenomenon belongs to mould oneness, general examination for one open action, another person to use multimeter, measuring cavity valve if there is a 22 - coil voltage - - - - - - Around 30 v, if you have, we will put mould pull out plug valve coil, open the action, if pressure without action, as long as we open mold under the oil cylinder, surely there is a piston from panasonic piston rod. Vertical injection molding machine manufacturer is pointed out that oil is approximately the same, especially for injection molding machine mould exist this kind of situation, other actions will be like this. In our experience in repairing machine is summarized, from these we found that the simple and complex, the unit of fault in our inline simple said roughly from circuit, hydraulic pressure, oil, machinery four aspects, change the same cases. General said complex, we should pay attention to the order of troubleshooting, from simple to complex, namely, circuit, hydraulic pressure, oil, machinery, if inappropriate, check order is both laborious and time-consuming to fix it.
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