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The vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine factory often eliminate surface adhesion of aerosol

by:Hisson     2020-10-30
At the time of injection molding machine processing of vertical injection molding machine often eliminate surface adhesion of aerosol is what circumstance? Why this happens? Then from the analysis of injection molding machine factory for you. ( 1) Processing pressure, speed too fast, the more filling material, injection, the holding time is too long, can cause excessive internal stress and crack. ( 2) Adjust the molding speed and pressure to prevent rapid control caused from cracking. ( 3) Appropriate higher mold temperature, make the product easy to demould, appropriate lower temperature to prevent decomposition. ( 4) Prevention for weld mark, plastic degradation caused by lower mechanical strength and fracture. ( 5) The proper use of release agent, attention often eliminate materials such as surface adhesion of aerosol. ( 6) Residual stress parts, can be in molding immediately after annealing heat treatment to eliminate internal stress and reduce the generation of cracks.
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