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The vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine factory traditional quantitative pump and servo system

by:Hisson     2020-11-02
With the development of machinery industry rapidly, injection molding machine has become the essential machinery factory processing, injection molding machine can be divided into clamping from standard action, the glue/pressure, loading, cooling, mould opening, several stages, such as each stage is the need to provide different and appropriate pressure and flow rate, the oil pump motor, belongs to change the load status of injection molding process. Vertical injection molding machine, then, the traditional quantitative differences of pump and servo system which place? Then from the analysis of injection molding machine factory for you. In quantitative pump hydraulic system, the motor at a constant speed continues to provide a constant flow, although the proportions of the through type pressure flow valve ( EFBG) The stages can be up to the required pressure and flow rate allocation results, but outside of the control needed to hydraulic oil will be back to the fuel tank. For injection molding machine, the output power of power consumption is sustained, that is to say, if the injection molding machine in standby state, continue to provide a constant flow rate and quantitative pump directly back to the fuel tank, form a fairly large and unnecessary power cost. Servo system control technology can improve the defect with the above quantitative pump hydraulic system. Servo motor through a transmission signal feedback to the drive for precision rotary encoder control, controlled the flow of hydraulic oil demand by the oil pump output directly, that is the size of the output flow rate is the precise speed control to obtain the increase or decrease. Finally, injection molding machine factory has pointed out that the hydraulic oil pressure control on the oil pump in series of pressure sensor, the pressure signal feedback to the drive end for continuous transfer results of closed loop control, to achieve the purpose of precise control of pressure, so that the servo control system can be accurate to provide the required pressure and flow in different stages of the injection molding, comparative, quantitative pump system can greatly reduce the power consumption of the output.
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