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The vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine mainly in the production and living purposes

by:Hisson     2020-09-16
With the rapid development of machinery industry, injection molding machine production at the end of the 19th century the early twentieth century. Is currently the most widely used in plastic processing speed. In the past few years, injection molding machine industry in the development of our country, such as fire, such as tea, as food, medicine, the growing demand for the household electrical appliances, plastic products demand also increased dramatically. Injection molding machine industry has entered the golden period of development. The production of injection molding machine is growing every year. Injection molding machine is widely used in every field of people production and living. Next by vertical injection molding machine factory for everybody introduction to the injection molding machine in the production and living purposes. 1, the injection molding machine application in automobile production. Cars on a lot of plastic parts are made of plastic injection machine production. For example, the car instrument circuit plastic parts, lamp plastic parts, plastic parts, etc. The application of 2, injection molding machine in the packaging industry. Injection molding machine is mainly used in food packaging in the packaging industry, beverage containers, packaging materials, medical applications, etc. 3, injection molding machine in the application of the electrical appliances product. With the improvement of plastic in electric products, traditional steel material is gradually replaced by plastic products, injection molding machine is widely used in electrical appliances product production. Such as rice cooker shell, internal and external barrels of washing machine, refrigerator inner shell and so on need plastic parts, home appliance, there are a lot of have been made in injection molding machine. 4, injection molding machine application in agriculture. The use of plastic film on the agricultural production greatly improved the production efficiency of agriculture. The increase of demand for plastic film in agriculture, also promote the development of the injection molding machine in the agricultural production. 5, injection molding machine in the application of engineering materials. Automobile, shipbuilding, aerospace, machinery needed in some high-tech materials, is produced by injection molding machine. In addition, vertical injection molding machine factory is pointed out that education, mechanical and electrical, transportation, health, and so on all aspects of the national economic system of the production is inseparable from the injection molding machine. At present our country is in the rise of the economic and social transformation period, great changes happening in economic production life, therefore, the injection molding industry development prospect is very considerable.
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