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The vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine to develop in the direction of saving energy and reducing consumption

by:Hisson     2020-09-17
Vertical injection molding machine factory recently learned that the famous Chinese experts recently said that injection molding & other; Saving energy and reducing consumption has become the main trend of the development of injection molding machine, all electric, two plate injection molding machine will become a mainstream in the future. ” China plastics machinery industry production value is around 30% annual growth rate in recent years, is one of the fastest growing industries in China's machinery industry. Injection molding machine as one of the largest varieties, annual yield is about 35% of the total molding machine production, which accounts for 60 of the total export machine. 4%. With plastic products increasingly heated competition, the energy saving injection molding machine has become the mainstream. “ All electric two plate injection molding machine, saving energy and reducing consumption are very significant, in line with the national industrial policy, has begun to spread abroad, now believe that this is a development trend. ” Wang Xingtian said. Compared with the traditional hydraulic injection molding machine, fully electric injection molding machine is not adopted due to the hydraulic oil, and therefore more clean, also means that don't need cooling, so there is no cooling line purchase, operation and maintenance cost, at the same time can reduce the energy consumption of 30% ~ 50%, and the running stability, product high repeat precision, especially suitable for precision injection molding. In Japan and Europe and the United States, all electric injection molding machine technology has widespread use. In domestic new project, the model also has been recognized, as the focus of the molding machine enterprise development. All electric injection molding machine control system is very complex, at present domestic has been introduced to the field this kind of product, to fill the domestic blank. At present, the vertical injection molding machine factory is pointed out that China still is given priority to with three board type injection molding machine, the developed countries in Europe and the compact structure of the two plate injection molding machine has become mainstream, obtained the widespread application in the process of construction project. Two machine was down more than a three machine templates, so the cost is lower, the process cycle shorter, more efficient. But this type of oil cylinder piston structure is complex, hydraulic valve, oil cylinder piston is small not be installed minicomputer cannot be used, generally suitable for larger models. Notes: & other; Two machine is the development mainstream of mainframe, speed up the development of this kind of machine is the domestic enterprises should focus on the research topic. ” Happily, the two machine for domestic enterprises in the development of production, and some product development is successful, this will make China's large-scale injection molding machine design and manufacturing level to a new height.
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