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The way to the design of injection molding machine injection molding machine hydraulic system and to pay attention to the problem

by:Hisson     2020-11-23
In our process of injection molding machine hydraulic system design must grasp the method and should pay attention to some problems. Next by injection molding machine factory for you to share about it about the design of injection molding machine hydraulic system method and the matters needing attention. Hydraulic technology was introduced into industry already has a history of more than one hundred years, with the rapid development of industrial, hydraulic technology with each passing day. Along with mathematics, control theory, the development of computer, electronics and hydraulic fluid, a hydraulic servo system, and as an applied science has grown up, and form their own system and a set of effective methods of analysis and design. Well, not much said, now I and you said that the hydraulic system design method and attention problems. For an example of hydraulic system used in injection molding machine to talk to everyone, and welcome to put forward opinions. Design of injection molding machine hydraulic transmission system on the basis of ( 1) The general layout and process requirement of the injection molding machine, including injection molding machine adopts hydraulic transmission can do exercise types, mechanical design, proposed may use the hydraulic components of the type and model, the position of the actuators and the space the size of the range, the requirements of the degree of automation, etc. ( 2) Work cycle of injection molding machine, the movements of the actuator ( Moving, rotating, or swing) , as well as the scope of work done. ( 3) The movement of hydraulic actuators speed, speed range, working stroke, the nature of the load, and range. ( 4) Injection molding machine parts of the action sequence and interlock requirement, of the various components and the working environment and the area and so on. ( 5) The working performance of hydraulic system, such as job stability, reliability, accuracy, residence time and rushed out of the reversing requirements. ( 6) Other requirements, such as pollution, corrosion, flammability and the quality of the hydraulic equipment, overall dimensions and economy, etc.
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