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The working principle of injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-10-17
From the 50 s introduced screw plastic injection molding machine has been more than 50 years of history. In engineering plastics processing industry at present, 80% by injection molding. Plastic particles ( ABS, polyethylene, polystyrene, etc. ) for module In injection molding machine within the cylinder more heater heat absorption, the screw mixing pressure after injection into the mold cavity, pressure maintaining cooling forming, finish machining of a process. For plastics processing, the full process of injection molding machine, clamping & ndash; Clamping & ndash; Injection & ndash; The holding & ndash; Cooling & ndash; Stripping & ndash; Open mould. The pressure maintaining and cooling, demoulding and open mould was conducted at the same time, the pressure in the process, mould is cooled; In the process of open mold, the mold after demoulding thimble by blind gradually stretched out, and make note in the mold on the workpiece falls off, open mold in place after the end of a machining process. Large, medium and small injection molding machine, its process is the same. Currently the vast majority of injection molding machine is hydraulic injection molding machine, the above process action process need power, are supplied by the hydraulic system of the oil pump, oil pump and variable pump and quantitative pump. In injection molding machine work, a work cycle of each working procedure of load change is very big, the hydraulic system the required flow rate and pressure are different, the production oil pump has been considering this change, when the hydraulic system of flow and pressure changes, the oil pump automatically and to adapt to the increase/decrease, this pump is the variable pump, don't need to use frequency converter speed regulating control. Another kind of pump is widely used quantitative pump, its oil is constant, flow and pressure of the changes in the working process of the injection molding machine is established by flow proportional valve and pressure valve to regulate, excess oil through the relief valve flow back into the tank. Such, contributed to the valve and pump wear and tear, caused the oil temperature is high, the motor noise is too big. In addition, look from the design of the injection molding machine, oil pump when the design usually leave allowance, generally considered 10% ~ 15%, but the oil pump series is limited, often pick up in less than appropriate pump type, there are serious & other; Big mara car & throughout; Phenomenon, causing huge waste of electricity. Therefore, the variable frequency speed regulation reform of quantitative pump injection molding machine, managing electric energy, improve the economic efficiency is of great importance.
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