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The working process of the injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-10-17
We see in our life are already forming of plastic, but do you know how to injection molding machine is? Today we are injection molding machine for the injection molding process factory and your popularity. Plastic injection moulding machine is to use plastic different states, with the aid of the injection molding machine and mold, needed to produce plastic products. Although the injection molding machine is different, but to complete the process content and the basic process is the same, the following in the process of horizontal screw injection molding machine. * close and lock the working process of the injection molding process is a cycle, with clamping commonly as the starting point of the work process, the dynamic template in the process of clamping movement speed need to meet the requirements, be sure to have the effect of the low pressure mold protect. On the one hand is to ensure that mold clamping smoothly, reduce impact, prolong the service life of mould; On the other hand is when moving die and die contact, into a high pressure clamping phase, the role of this phase is to ensure that the mold has enough clamping force, so as to avoid flash during injection and holding on. * injection seat forward when after closing lock clamping mechanism, injection whole moving oil cylinder work, make the reach injection device, ensure the shoot tip and laminating mould pouring gate, to prepare for injection phase. After completion of the working process of the injection device of injection cylinder work to promote the reach of injection molding machine screw, the cylinder in the front of the molten material with certain pressure and speed of injection mold cavity. At this point the screw head pressure acting on the molten material is called injection pressure. After the molten material into the cavity, due to the cold heat conduction mould, make the volume shrinkage cavity within the material. In order to ensure the density of plastic products, dimensional accuracy, strength and stiffness, must make the injection system of a certain pressure to the mold to fill material, until the gating system, The key is gate) Plastic freeze, screw pressure acting on the molten material at this time said to the pressure. ( 1) Products cooling and plasticizing beforehand ( Melt) With further cooling of the mould, mould pouring molten material in the system gradually tends to freeze, especially when the gate is frozen, the holding has lost the effect of the loading, at this point, can discharge the holding pressure, make the products within the mould cooled sufficiently to finalize the design. At the same time, screw drive device drives the screw rotation, hopper inside the plastic of the screw conveyor, forward in the cylinder of the heating system with heat and screw mixing, shearing, gradually, in turn, the molten plastic, and by the end of the screw to the cylinder, and generate a certain amount of stress. This pressure is according to the nature of the plastic and metal products processing, adjust the back pressure valve of injection molding machine hydraulic system and overcome the movement of the screw back resistance, collectively known as plastic back pressure ( Melt back pressure) 。 Its purpose is to ensure the quality of plastic plasticizing. Is a more critical in injection molding process. Due to the screw rotating non-stop, molten material is constantly to the tube end feeding, screw end molten material has to meet next time injection quantity, because the product cooling and forecast model at the same general requirements for plastic cooldown time not more than products, so as not to affect the molding cycle. * whether injection device back injection device and is based on the processing of plastic process. Sometimes in the forecast model ( Melt) , some back in front of the melt, some injection device within the shoot tip temperature is too low and affect the next injection and products quality. Sometimes it is easy to clean, also often make the injection device to return. * open mould cooling and ejection mold products after finalize the design, mold clamping mechanism will open the mould. At the top of the ejection system of injection molding machine and mold to the agencies under the joint action, the products will be automatically roof fall, prepare for the next forming process. Cycle: clamping & ndash; — ( Shoot stage into) — — Shoot rubber & ndash; — The holding & ndash; — Melt ( At the same time cooling) — — ( Shot back) — — Mould & ndash; — Ejection & ndash; — Top back & ndash; — Mode locking
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