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There are several kinds of injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-10-21
When we contact the injection molding industry, we must first understand the injection molding machine there are several kinds of classification, to better we later related work. The precision manufacturer several classification about the injection molding machine for you. 1, upright, AC/DC injection molding machine series: the aircraft mainly for cable, all kinds of electronic, computer cable and power plug line, such as injection molding, injection molding products accurate standard is not high, generally dominated by PVC, PE and other plastic injection molding, suitable for the concrete suitable model of the product specifications generally clamping force ranging from 15 t to 35 t, because of each manufacturer of molar volume, specific configuration are different, before the choose and buy must demand to the factory to determine the specific parameters of the model specification, etc. 2, C type injection molding machine series: the machine vertical clamping, horizontal beam glue because there was no guide pin, for clamping parts into a letter & other; C” Words, the name. This machine structure is complex, with super glue, because there was no guide post work area is broad, mainly is suitable for engaged in all kinds of safety power plug injection molding, such as France, American plug, the plug 3, vertical single board type injection molding machine, double slide type injection molding machine series: this machine mainly in view of the engineering plastics, the precision of the products have strict requirements, precision or have small insert molding together, it is also one of insert the optimization of injection molding solution. Because the machine has a fixed upper die, die sliding out function. On the double slide type has a mode under the dual mode, two alternating mold, compared with is suitable for precision hardware embedded in or out. Part of the double color mould also can use double slide injection molding, general molding products, such as electronic connector, mobile phone connector, IC components, etc. , double slide faults: two work, increase the Labour cost. 4, vertical injection molding machine, rotary disc type series: series vertical rotary disc type injection molding machine is precision parts embedded injection and double color mould optimization scheme, because the machine can design more than one upper die two lower die or mould function, compared with suitable for the advantages of complex embedded and artificial save 5, vertical injection molding machine. Vertical injection molding machine for plastic volume larger and must use the hardware plastic bags with vertical structure clamping products, put insert is convenient for vertical structure, horizontal structure of large amount of glue, is the product of combining field need to be made lie structure.
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