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Those who must abide by the rules of the injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-07-04
Injection molding machine is often in the condition of high pressure high temperature rapid & other; Operation & throughout; While operating a machine, this machine does not need too much artificial, but if the personal safety accident caused by negligence is often impossible to make up for, so when artificial safety regulations use is completely necessary. So in order to avoid potential safety problems caused by the disaster, when artificial injection molding machine operators should pay attention to what issues? Injection molding machine factory in detail with you. 1. Check in the operation, press the emergency button or open the door to terminate clamping. Keep the plastic injection machine and the surrounding environment clean. 2. Injection molding machine surrounding space, try to keep in the clear after a lubricating oil or oil pressure, should wipe of the leaking oil as soon as possible. 3. The debris on the plastic tube ( For example, colloidal particles) The electric heating, which can be opened, cleaned up after so as not to fire. Or repair, if not necessary, not to tear down plastic tube on the heat shield. 4. Shot forward with Taiwan, not from nozzle leakage by hand to clear out of the melt, so as not to put his hand in the middle of the machine and mold. 5. When cleaning cylinder, should put the nozzle temperature transferred to the most appropriate high temperature, keep the shoot the mouth open, and then use the lower rubber pressure and speed of 6. Cylinder is in addition to the rest of the rubber, cleaning not contact directly with the hand just when the rubber injection, so as to avoid burns. 7. Wall from left the heat-sensitive and corrosive plastic cylinder inside too long, supplier shall comply with the plastic of downtime and machine cleaning methods. 8 when you replace the plastic. Ensure that the mixture of old and new plastic will not produce chemical reaction ( For example, POM and PVC mixed heating will produce gas, , otherwise should be cleaned with other plastic cylinder inside the old material. 9. Operate injection molding machine must check whether the mold before firmly installed on the injection molding machine dynamic templates and head plate. 10. Pay attention to the ground injection molding machine and other wiring whether transferring safely. 11. Don't cancel exit or exit in order to improve the production speed switch. 12. When installing the mold rings must be completely screwing in mould hung before can lift. Mould should be installed according to the size of the mold adjustment of injection molding machine safety rod length, do security door is opened, the machine stop safely ( Mechanical lock) Down to stop the injection molding machine clamping. 13. In normal injection molding process are strictly prohibited the operator don't open the door, by the above or below take out the plastic injection molding machine. Repair mold or no production should be timely to turn off when the injection pump motor. 14. Operation of the injection molding machine, can one person operation, to allow multiple operations. Banned one operator control panel at the same time, another person to adjust mould and 15. Other operating
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