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Turnover basket injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-04-25
I. INTRODUCTION of turnover basket injection molding machine: 1. Special injection molding machine for turnover basket produces black 'disposable' plastic turnover basket, and can also produce fruit basket and vegetable basket for repeated turnover. The design advantages include advanced technology in Europe and America, strong rigidity, excellent performance, fast response, convenient operation, low noise, no pollution, power saving, labor saving, energy saving and strong operability. 2. The plastic turnover basket project not only conforms to the economic policy of sustainable development proposed by the central government, but also solves the important issue of environmental pollution caused by waste plastics, benefiting the country and the people. II. Configuration of turnover basket injection molding machine 1>. Hydraulic system of turnover basket injection molding machine :(1) , Taiwan machine vertical HNC proportional valve (2), Japan imported seals (3)Taiwan Heitke (HYTAC)Hydraulic valve (4)Sino-German joint venture Senari (SCENERY) Oil Pump 2>, turnover basket injection molding machine electrical system :(1), International Famous brand computer (2)Sino-French joint venture Schneider (SCHNEIDER)AC contactor (3)Italian Shepherd (MOOT) Displacement sensor 3>, mold closing part of turnover basket injection molding machine :(1)Italian Shepherd (MOOT)Pre-plastic motor (2) , Automatic lubricating pump 4>, energy-saving configuration of turnover basket injection molding machine (1) Italian Philippine servo motor (2)Huichuan servo driver
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