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Vertical injection molding machine 7 steps to choose to good machine

by:Hisson     2020-10-01
In the process of selecting the vertical injection molding machine factory, which can choose good time machine should do? Then teach you seven steps method to choose good machine by us. 1, we have: the mould and finished product decision & other Mould schedule & throughout; And & other; Joe travel & throughout; Is enough to make the finished product out. Mould schedule at least should be greater than the height of the finished product in the direction of switch mode more than double, and vertical runner is required ( sprue) The length of the; Joe travel should be enough to finished product out; 2, well: the plastic judgement & other; Screw compression ratio & throughout; And & other; Injection pressure & throughout; Such conditions. Some engineering plastics need high injection pressure and the appropriate screw compression ratio design, just have good molding effect, so in order to make the finished product shoot better, also need to consider when choosing screw the needs of the radiation pressure and compression ratio. In general, smaller diameter screw can provide higher injection pressure. 3, select the right type: decided by the products and plastic model and series. Due to the injection machine has very many kinds, so at first to correctly judge which one kind of injection molding machine, this product should be or which one to produce series, such as is the general thermoplastic plastic bakelite raw materials or PET raw material and so on, is monochrome, two-color, multicolor, sandwich or mixed color, etc. In addition, some products need high stability ( Closed loop) , high precision, super high speed, high pressure or rapid production ( Multi loop) Conditions, such as production must also choose the appropriate series. 4, vertical injection molding machine to put down: by the mold size for determining the machine & other; Big column interval & throughout; 、“ Die thick & throughout; 、“ Mould minimal size & throughout; And & other; Mold size & throughout; If appropriate, to confirm the mould is put down. The mould width and height should be less than or at least one side is less than the big column interval; Mould width and height of the best in the mold size range; The thickness of the mould should be between the injection molding machine mold thickness; Width and height of the mould must be in accordance with the recommended minimum injection molding mold size, not too small; So far has been preliminary decision model of the specifications of the unit, and an approximate model tonnage, then must be the following steps, to make sure which one screw diameter of the injection unit is required. 5, fast, and & other; Injection speed & throughout; The confirmation. Rapid-fire out some finished products need overhead rate to stable forming, such as ultra-thin products, in this case, you may need to confirm the injection rate of the machine and shot speed enough, whether to need to match accumulator, the closed loop control device. In general, in the same conditions, can provide a high pressure screw usually firing rate is low, on the contrary, can provide a low pressure screw usually firing rate is higher. Therefore, choosing screw diameter, injection volume, injection pressure and injection rate ( Injection speed) , need to cross considerations and tradeoffs. 6, and be satisfied: by finished product weight and cavity number needed & other; Injection quantity & throughout; And choose the right & other; The screw diameter & throughout; 。 Calculation of the finished weight cavity should be considered, One module and a few holes) ; For stability's sake, injection quantity for finished product of the weight of 1. More than 35 times, i. e. the finished weight for injection quantity of less than 75%; 7, lock up, decided by the products and plastic & other; Clamping force & throughout; Tonnage. When raw material with high pressure into a mold cavity can be induced in a hold the power of the mould, so the clamping unit of injection molding machine must provide enough & other; Clamping force & throughout; Make the mold not be open. The calculation of clamping force requirements are as follows: by the finished product and finished product appearance size in the direction of the switch mode projection area; Brace = finished mold in the direction of the switch mode projection area ( cm2) × Cavity number & times; Mould pressure ( kg/cm2) ; Mould pressure varies according to the raw materials, raw materials commonly take 350 ~ 400 kg/cm2. Machine mold clamping force should be greater than support, and to be on the safe side, machine clamping force is usually accompanied by greater than 1 mold. More than 17 times.
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