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Vertical injection molding machine, and before starting to turn it off before what should notice

by:Hisson     2020-08-10
Vertical injection molding machine is of high use frequency in the process of injection molding equipment, its in front of the boot and shutdown before should be what matters need attention? Injection molding machine manufacturer with us to get to know it. 1. To check whether there is electric control box into the water or oil, if have electrical phenomenon of be affected with damp be affected with damp, don't boot operation. Need to notify the maintenance personnel within the electrical parts dry again after boot. 2. Check whether the power supply voltage is conform to the requirements of the operating requirements, the general should not exceed & plusmn; 15%. 3. Check the urgent stop switch, before and after the safety door switch is normal. Verify the rotation of the motor and oil pump rotation direction is consistent. 4. Check whether the cooling pipes, and the oil cooler and barrel end of injected water cooling jacket. 5. Check the activity parts for lubricating oil ( Fat) And inject enough lubricating oil. 6. Open the electric heater, heating tube paragraphs of the machine. When the temperature of the paragraphs is achieved, and then for a period of time of heat preservation operation, so that the machine temperature to stabilize. Heat preservation time according to the requirements of different equipment and different plastic raw materials. 7. Inside the hopper add sufficient enough plastic raw materials. According to the different requirements of different plastic injection molding, some Suggestions should be treated with dry materials. 8. To cover the heat shield on the barrel, such already can save electric energy, and can prolong the service life of electric heating circle and current contactor.
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