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Vertical injection molding machine and energy saving technical analysis

by:Hisson     2020-07-17
Injection molding industry rapid development era, there is no doubt that in the middle of the cost of electricity in which accounts for a considerable proportion of, vertical injection molding machine industry pump motor power consumption accounts for the proportion of the consumption is as high as 50% ~ 65%, thus the design and manufacture a new generation & other; Energy-saving & throughout; Vertical injection molding machine & quot; Injection molding machine factory, it becomes a urgent need to pay attention to and solve the problem. Vertical injection molding machine of electricity consumption is mainly manifested in the following several parts: the power consumption of oil pump of the hydraulic system, The heater power consumption; Circulating cooling water pump power consumption. Energy-saving technology of vertical injection molding machine, in fact, mainly includes three aspects: one is energy saving injection molding technology, the second is the implementation of energy saving, 3 it is energy saving power drive system. Vertical injection molding machine is the main energy consumption power drive system, the key point of vertical injection molding machine and energy saving is to improve power efficiency and energy consumption of the system itself and the system output power and the executing agency executive power to adaptive matching regulation, the higher the energy utilization rate between the two, the system energy saving rate is higher, can reach the effect of saving energy. Energy saving power drive system is the main research topic of vertical injection molding machine and energy saving. Believe in the credit, the pursuit of credibility, honesty. For customers, for partners, for the investor, with credit, credit and sincere respect, get support; For colleagues, for employees, for human resources, to honesty, responsibility, and performance of agglomeration energy, obtained approval. Advocate be honest, sincere, sincerity. Respect people, understand people, care about people, and silicone injection molding machine, rubber machine products such as the good faith management, yes.
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