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Vertical injection molding machine and energy saving transformation application example

by:Hisson     2020-07-17
Consists of five servo motors as a driving force, driving mode locking, and die, die, ejection, injection, plastic, injection device, such as work, a series of actions needed to complete the injection plastic products processing. Here, vertical injection molding machine manufacturer energy-saving reform application example about the vertical injection molding machine for you. This kind of vertical injection molding machine has the advantage of energy saving effect is best. In 2005 the introduction of Japan's sumitomo corporation four ( Two 70 t, 50 t two) All electric vertical injection molding machine, so far no repair, machine performance is stable and reliable operation. After the company repeatedly measured, quantitative pump than the same type of vertical injection molding machine and energy saving more than 50%. Injection speed, precision injection is the preferred equipment. Transmission is firm and reliable, by using the special heavy-duty ball screw drive template, injection screw, plunger reciprocating motion, such as electrical energy into mechanical energy loss is small. Each motor can synchronize work, which can meet certain complex plastic products, when closed, and mould linkage requirements ( If open mould thimble, melt and smoke core joint action at the same time) 。 When in the process of injection, just direct drive screw injection of servo motor in the work. Clamping servo motor for clamping has completed the stop work; Injection of a servo motor is also due to no action in a stop state; Smoke core servo motor. That technological process, after setting the action requires related motor to move, when other programs without injection, that is to say, electric energy-saving principle of vertical injection molding machine is not affected by injection process conditions, it is other energy-saving models can't do it, so it can achieve the utmost ground saves the energy. When cooling products and making the workpiece, all the machine stop working. Low noise. Due to the hydraulic transmission, high cleanliness around the equipment. Disadvantages: because they do not belong to hydraulic transmission, neutron action by pneumatic or electric implement, structure is relatively complex. Due to the servo motor torque limit, all electric vertical injection molding machine is only small models ( No more than 500 t) 。 And high prices, with the same company PuTongJi ratio is 7 to 8 times. Domestic development is the important obstacle of all electric vertical injection molding machine, the key technologies in component development did not pass, such as heavy-duty ball screw, force sensors and servo motor imported, these technical parts took the lion's share of the profits.
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