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Vertical injection molding machine and high precision plastic mould design method

by:Hisson     2020-07-09
For plastic parts, the design of the mould is very important, especially for high precision plastic parts, mould small error can cause scrap, resulting in the loss, today we injection molding machine manufacturers machinery and a brief introduction about when you need injection precision plastic parts and the shrinkage of the difficulty of the comparison, the mold design can use the following methods: (1) to take smaller shrinkage rate, vertical injection molding machine parts diameter JingQu within larger shrinkage rate, leave room to test after correction. (2) test to determine the gating system form, size, and molding conditions. (3) to the post-processing of vertical injection molding machine parts by post-processing changes to determine the size, Measurement must be in 24 hours after demoulding) 。 (4) fixed mold contraction according to the actual situation. (5) try mould and can properly change process condition slightly amended shrinkage value to meet the requirements of plastic parts. Die for mould, we all know that it is very important, therefore, its design is also very important, for molding technician, for these points, must be clear.
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