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Vertical injection molding machine and if the use of waste heat energy saving processing, what problems may arise

by:Hisson     2020-07-16
Energy saving is a popular topic in recent years, in the aspect of vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine was used to work in the process of waste heat to realize the energy saving of energy, let's vertical injection molding machine manufacturer in guangdong, as that on the one hand, the waste heat recovery and energy saving plan to say about the problems which may arise. Vertical injection molding machine using waste heat energy saving may exist the following problems: 1. Although our vertical injection molding machine for injection molding process using a wide range, but for the device, its technical level is not uniform, so there are many enterprises for vertical injection molding machine technology need to be improved; 2. For injection molding work, although say is popular, but the development in rural areas is not so fast, many are in the use of plastic products, such cost is larger, so the compression cost is necessary; 3. For energy saving technology and clean development, there are still a lot of enterprises is not very understanding, so the strength is not so widely diffused; On vertical injection molding machine and energy saving, is still in development.
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