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Vertical injection molding machine and simple maintenance

by:Hisson     2020-07-19
Maintenance work must understand the operating method of equipment and should have some basic knowledge of injection molding, and the proper use of vertical injection molding machine. If he does not know vertical injection molding machine operation, maintenance and repair work is very difficult to judge fault can also be unreliable. Temporary vertical injection molding machine of circuit boards and electrical components are influenced by factors such as high temperature, the environment, time, the device working point offset, components of aging, are all belong to the normal range. Debugging vertical injection molding machine, therefore, it is also one of the indispensable basic skills in maintenance work. Understand the working order of vertical injection molding machine, the debugging vertical injection molding machine electronic circuit, hydraulic circuit is a very important link. Repair work is to be accurate, reliable, and timely and various types of vertical injection molding machine must be content to study and master the use of the specification, vertical injection molding machine repair process, the general thinking is usually a circuit maintenance & ndash; Oil & ndash; The mechanical parts movement. And calibration work in turn.
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