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Vertical injection molding machine and the difference of horizontal injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-10-01
For vertical and horizontal injection molding machine injection molding a lot of people couldn't distinguish, mechanical today to teach you to distinguish between vertical and horizontal injection molding machine injection molding. Vertical injection molding machine from down injection, horizontal injection molding machine is of horizontal injection molding. Can tell the difference from the literal, mainly on the direction of mold opening and closing, is a horizontal opening and closing, opening and closing is a vertical direction. So cause some to use on different, cavity after operation is slightly different. So the vertical injection molding machine is particularly applicable to insert injection molded parts, as well as the transfer table operations. Because the cause of the cylinder machine generally higher. To realize automatic production often require auxiliary machinery. Horizontal machine, of course, also can do have embedded parts of products, but relatively speaking, it is not very convenient, upper and lower mould is a little some trouble. But to consider in the mould design, it is easy to realize automatic production.
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