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Vertical injection molding machine appear not forming is caused

by:Hisson     2020-08-24
Normally, you need to use to the injection molding machine for plastic injection, and is a member of the injection molding machine, vertical injection molding machine is and occupy a considerable part of proportion. When our vertical injection molding machine for injection molding, if not molding condition, what reason is caused? Below we machinery vertical injection molding machine manufacturer is to analyze this issue with you. Reason 1: an injection speed is slow. When injection speed is slow, there will be some mixed and disorderly, thickness change and other issues, affect the finished product, if choose at this time of high pressure is not able to fill the finished product, can consider to tell an injection to solve this problem. Reason two: injection time is short, low pressure. Molten plastic viscosity under low operating temperature is higher, mobility is poor, so high pressure and injection speed should be used. In the system of ABS colorful parts, for example, not high temperature resistance of the colorant limits the heating temperature of barrel, it's need to higher than normal injection pressure and injection time to compensate. Three reasons: improper feeding recuperation, lack or less material. Of vertical injection molding machine when we are in the process of injection molding, if appear lack of material or less material is the case, then our injection molding process, molding products would be a lack of situation, some parts molding difficult, leading to can't forming. Banning of measurement or control of feeding system operation is not normal, and the limit of the vertical injection molding machine and mold or operating conditions in an injection cycle disorders, plastic small back pressure or within the barrel material grain density is small. Reason 4: material temperature is too low. If the vertical injection molding machine barrel front-end at low temperature, molten material into the cavity may be because of the mold cooling effect of cooling rate and cause premature, hindered the model on the far side of mold filling. For vertical injection molding machine about the existence of not forming and some other factors, with regard to this problem we vertical injection molding machine manufacturer is introduced here.
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