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Vertical injection molding machine boot after a period of time, the processing of oil pump ring!

by:Hisson     2020-08-11
Vertical injection molding machine boot after a period of time, the processing of oil pump ring! Vertical injection molding machine in daily boot process, inevitably there will be a different problem. Good, such as: oil pump ring during start up time, crawling the lock mode and so on some issues, will be with the use of vertical injection molding machine, the daily wear and tear and cause problems. Today let's and gold plastic machinery Vertical injection molding machine manufacturer to know about the brand, the boot after a period of time, the methods of dealing with the oil pump ring! 1, cause the oil pump suction tubing may be because the quality is bad or throat code not tighten. And whether need to check open mesh deformation, suction tubing is stratified. Discovered to replace the tubing, mesh. To timely solve the problems of the oil pump ring. 2, may be the mesh isn't clean. If need to check the hydraulic oil impurities too much. In a timely manner to clean strainer, excessive foreign matter in the hydraulic oil to replace hydraulic oil. 3, the last may be because the oil pump by wear and tear, this time need to check the oil pump oil distribution disc and abrasion of rotor end face, was carried out on the oil pump repair, when necessary, may need to change the oil pump of the vertical injection molding machine.
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