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Vertical injection molding machine boot before these points you need to know

by:Hisson     2020-08-10
Vertical injection molding machine in industry utilization rate is higher, but in the process of use and there are many details need to pay attention to, such as boot before there are some issues need our attention. What about the vertical injection molding machine before on some kind of attention? The following vertical injection molding machine manufacturer in guangdong with us to get to know it. 1. Before operate vertical injection molding machine, to check the electric control box for the entry of water, oil and so on, if caused by electrical be affected with damp be affected with damp, please don't boot, should ask professional maintenance staff to these electrical parts dry again after boot. 2. Check the urgent stop switch, before and after the door to see if normal. 3. Vertical injection molding machine before the operation, check the parts for lubricating oil, foot. 4. Check whether the power supply voltage is conform to, usually is not more than or less than six percent up and down. 5. Check whether smooth, various cooling pipes and cooling water was carried out on the oil cooler and barrel end added. 6. Can cover the barrel on the insulation plate, so that can save energy and protect the unit. 7. Open the electric heating, heating tube of each segment of the machine, when the temperature reaches requirements after heat preservation, for a rainy day. 8. Add enough plastic inside the hopper, for plastic is best done before drying, to ensure the quality of injection molding. About vertical injection molding machine boot before these points do you know?
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