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Vertical injection molding machine clamping processing not free?

by:Hisson     2020-07-11
Vertical injection molding machine when a clamping not free, it may be some small problems, let's mechanical vertical injection molding machine manufacturers to talk about the following two problems when processing method. First of all, when there is A A, B improper adjustment, this is one of vertical injection molding machine clamping of the problem, we need to set system flow of 20, pressure is 99, observe whether clamping action is crawling, to adjust or change valve. Followed by the oil in the air, use our sense of hearing to feel oil in the presence of air, check the oil in the presence of air bubbles, whether you need to vent. We are a company with independent brands & other; Mechanical & throughout; Guangdong vertical injection molding machine manufacturers, 16 years focused on vertical injection molding machine, the company mainly produces: silicone injection molding machine, injection molding machine for the connector, a C type injection molding machine, spark plug injection molding machine, two-color disc injection molding machine, such as production and sales, consulting: price.
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