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Vertical injection molding machine cleaning method of replacement of oil filter

by:Hisson     2020-07-29
Vertical injection molding machine oil filter replacement cleaning is a very important link, so the cleaning process, we should pay attention to what are some of what problem and cleaning method? Then introduce to you by us. Oil suction filter: the filter for oil suction filter, installed in the pump inlet on the side of the tank, used to filter, clean the hydraulic oil. When removing and replacing filter core, should follow the following instructions. Standard vertical injection molding machine, vertical injection molding machine oil filter disks is put in the tank, cleaning, and then clean the filter directly to tear open come out. 1. Use and maintenance. According to the experiment and research results show that the fault of hydraulic equipment for more than 80% are caused by the pollution of oil, in consideration of the oil cleanliness requirements, the machine to install the bypass oil filter, shape as shown in figure, suitable for high cleanliness requirements of the machine installation to avoid oil contamination, reduce mechanical wear and failure. The longer the machine running time, the oil pollution is more serious. Oil filter is through its internal filter oil filter effect, must be replaced after a certain period of time, the running of the machine for oil filter can work normally. Allowable pressure rating of the filter is 0. 5 mpa, in the running of the machine, when the pointer of the table is smaller than 0. 5 mpa, said filtering situation is normal, when table pointer is greater than zero. 5 mpa, said filter blockage, users should replace filter, so as not to affect the normal work of the oil filter, ultimately affect the normal operation of the machine. When replacement filter, machine should stop working, and will filter the handles on the lid off after the lift, and then pull out the filter, change a new filter, as is tight after installation, you can start work. 2. Remove. First down the fuselage side boards, unscrew the filter in the middle of the socket head cap screw, oil filter and oil in the tank is separated, and then twist the end cover socket head cap screw, take out the filter, and then open it to filter and intermediate magnet separation. 3. To clean. Thoroughly with light oil, gasoline, or washing oil removal filter blocking all the dirt on the wire, and all the metal on the magnet in the middle. Insert the compressed air from the inside, and dirt from the wire.
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