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Vertical injection molding machine daily five steps

by:Hisson     2020-08-05
As a professional supplier of vertical injection molding machine production, it is suggested that the customers pay attention to the vertical injection molding machine from the following aspects of the maintenance, so that we can effectively extend the service life of machine and reduce the cost of waste, hope is a good help for the customers. 1. Hydraulic oil amount of vertical injection molding machine lack of oil will lead to a lot of problems, such as oil WenYi increases, the problem such as air soluble oil, thus affect oil, hydraulic system work. So what causes the amount of oil shortage? Usually because of the loss caused by oil spill or repair, with this situation, we are in common, you should check the possible leak. Replace the worn out seals do early, tighten loose coupling. Pay special attention to after the repair, check the amount of oil tank. 2. The hydraulic oil temperature vertical injection molding machine hydraulic system work in 45 ℃ - an ideal temperature 50 ℃, formulated under the selection pressure oil viscosity, but the change of oil temperature, will drive the change of viscosity, system components may also be affected, so as to control accuracy, response sensitivity falling at the same time, the precision injection machine more of this kind of circumstance. High temperature will accelerate the seals of aging, make its hardening, fracture; Temperature is too low processing and energy consumption, lower the running speed. So paying attention to the hydraulic oil temperature is very necessary. 3. Oil of vertical injection molding machine hydraulic oil oxidation stability is one of the chemical properties of the hydraulic oil. Decision is the most important factor in the life of the hydraulic oil oxidation, the oxidation will produce the unsolvable things such as wood tar. The unsolvable content can cause the pollution of hydraulic system, and the abrasion of hydraulic components, reduce all kinds of problems such as clearance, plugging holes, a hydraulic system failure in the end. And hydraulic oil oxidation rate is affected by its own factors, of which temperature is the major factor, so you need to use the appropriate hydraulic oil, and regularly check the hydraulic oil oxidation degree, so take the initiative to oil change is a must. 4. Oil filter cleaning every once in a while, vertical plastic injection machine oil filter must be cleaned again, to keep the oil suction tubing essential unobstructed, and to check the oil screen. 5. Cooler cleaning vertical injection molding machine every year, cooler cleaning once, or according to the specific situation to decide whether to clean, such as: the ability to work ever lower, cooler internal blockage, cooling the water used to soft ( No minerals) Is preferred.
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