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Vertical injection molding machine daily maintenance

by:Hisson     2020-08-05
In order to improve the working efficiency of vertical injection molding machine, to prevent failure, daily maintenance crew cannot little, of course, let's vertical injection molding machine manufacturer and you to introduce about the daily maintenance of vertical injection molding machine. (1) the maintenance of the lubrication system before each shift operation, response rules of daily little supplemental lubrication oil for lubrication. If the machine has centralized lubrication system, oil level should be inspected daily, and the oil level to a lower limit rules before giving added lubricant. Machine before the first run, should add grease to the lubrication part of the rules, but once every three months to add later. (2) check the oil in the tank daily check the tank oil level, if the oil level in oil scale under the center line, should be timely supply of oil, the oil level to the midline. Oil in the process, must pay attention to the work of the clean and prevent water, oil, iron filings, sawdust, cotton yarn etc sundry pollution lead to oil degradation or valve block. (3) after checking each class succession, heating device should check the heating device, check whether the heating is normal, heating coil is loose, connection guide red whether I fall, and thermocouple contacts are in good condition. (4) safety device check each class should check the electric switch, especially the security and the limit switch is normal. In succession, should check the urgent stop switch and exit. After the vertical injection molding machine start, press the abrupt stop switch, demand function of hydraulic pump and electric immediately stop running and other functional unit stop motion. In manual operation mode, when the door opens mould shall not be closed. Also should check the limit switch position is correct and whether fastening, exit can smooth switch, then can change for semi-automatic or fully automatic operation, in order to ensure the personal safety and equipment safety.
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