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Vertical injection molding machine electric control device should be how to deal with the water?

by:Hisson     2020-07-27
Now many enterprise vertical injection molding machine is in the work often because some constraints lead to some water into the electric control device of vertical injection molding machine, then the water into the later we should be how to deal with it immediately, let experts to introduce the vertical injection molding machine. First, immediately disconnect all power to the shortest period of time, after the water will I/O computer host plate under the battery from above ( Advise clients timely operation) Because of I/O board did not remove the battery, the individual components is still in the state of electricity, it will accelerate the components of the degree of rust and corrosion, will increase the difficulty of the component maintenance and repair costs. The second is the whole point of the electrical components in the cabinet will be removed ( Service operation) Clean with alcohol, necessary to decompose the parts cleaning, including I/O board, 24 v power supply, 5 v power supply, transformer, ac contactor, air switch, axial flow fan, etc. With field drying hopper is dry, all the components enough dry, can be decomposed components stratification in drying hopper after clean, drying temperature in 50 ~ 70 ℃, the drying time of 8 ~ 10 hours, test the insulation resistance value is in accordance with the requirements ( Generally measured with 200 k file) , deduce whether completely dry; The last is to dry completely energized electrical components separate checks ( Service operation) , in good condition before it can be installed using.
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