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Vertical injection molding machine existing classification is introduced

by:Hisson     2020-07-28
Vertical injection molding machine is used to make plastic molding machinery and equipment, injection molding machine factory before we have talked about the category of the injection molding machine is divided into vertical injection molding machine, horizontal injection molding machine and all electric type injection molding machine, but for the vertical injection molding machine can also be subdivided, injection molding machine manufacturer is to say to you today about the classification of vertical injection molding machine. 1. Vertical injection molding machine that kind of injection molding machine is mainly for a variety of electronic, computer cable and power plug line of injection molding and so on. Due to injection molding products required precision is differ, according to each product the precision requirements are appropriate for the choice of injection molding machine is also different, injection molding machine manufacturer here remind injection, when buying a plastic injection machine need according to the manufacturer to purchase the scale model parameters, so as to avoid wrong injection molding product standards. 2. Vertical injection molding machine, C the vertical injection molding machine for vertical clamping horizontal injection glue as column, because the clamping parts like a C letters the name. The vertical injection molding machine has a super shot resin, mainly used for injection molding of various plastic bags and a variety of plug. 3. Vertical single board type injection molding machine, double slide type injection molding machine on the vertical injection molding machine has the function of the die under the fixed die out, mainly used in the products have strict requirements, high precision, or there is a tiny embedded parts with plastic injection molding. The main injection molding products are: electronic precision connector, mobile phone and integrated circuit components and so on. 4. Vertical disk type injection molding machine, rotary injection molding machine, this kind of vertical injection molding machine is an optimal scheme of precision embedded plastic, characteristics of model to design a mould under the two lower die or mould features, the most suitable for complex embedded and artificial savings, etc.
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