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Vertical injection molding machine factory analyze the reason of the injection molding processing of products of underfill opportunely

by:Hisson     2020-08-11
Products underfill is one of the injection molding processing problems encountered in, only to understand the cause of this phenomenon, in order to better complete the injection molding processing. Today, vertical injection molding machine factory for you to introduce products underfill. 1, material barrel, nozzle and the mold temperature is low, and lack of quantificationally, remaining within the barrel material too much, the injection pressure is too small. 2, the injection speed too slow, runner and gate size is too small, gate number is not enough, cut the gate location is not appropriate, cavity venting is not good. 3, injection time is too short, the clogging gating system, poor liquidity of plastic. The above information is vertical injection molding machine factory according to customer's factory in practice to summarize experience, welcome you to take a closer look at.
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