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Vertical injection molding machine factory of vertical injection molding machine is gradually moving towards the road to automation

by:Hisson     2020-08-11
Over the years, we have the injection molding machine industry in the development which progresses by leaps and bounds, the production of injection molding machine products are enough to meet the basic field of domestic demand, export quotas are also increased year by year, but from a technical level, injection molding machine products overall technical level is not high in China, there is still a big gap between the injection molding machine products abroad, the industry remains to be the overall upgrade. Here, vertical injection molding machine factory to analyze the vertical injection molding machine to the automation of the road of related content. With the rapid development of injection molding machine technology, and science and technology, the factory is also becoming more and more high to the requirement of its degree of automation. Industry experts expect injection robot quickly gained popularity. The mechanical arm can make important contribution for the injection molding machine industry automation. Mechanical arm is the first industrial robots, is also the first modern robot, it can be hard work instead of human to realize mechanization and automation of production, operating in a hazardous environment to protect the personal safety. Manipulator can be cut workers, increase efficiency, reduce cost, improve product quality, good safety and improve the image of the factory. The advantages of the mechanical arm wants to be more, out of injection molding machine injection molding process, for example, mechanical arm arm can mimic human arm some action function, to grab, moving objects according to a fixed procedure or operation tool automatic operation of the device. Using mechanical arm can reduce workers' workload, improve labor productivity and automation level in the workshop. Injection robot successfully developed and put into use, and promote the localization of injection production line automation equipment, strengthen the competitiveness of the domestic enterprise products in the international court, become a new economic growth point of injection molding machine auxiliary machinery industry, through the continuous development of injection molding manipulator, can promote the development of automated plant auxiliary equipment such as conveyor belt, thus to form a larger industrial chain, promote the development of the injection molding industry. Finally, vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine factory is the production and are one of the biggest plastic machinery varieties, is also the Chinese plastic machinery exports. But injection molding machine industry in China for a long time there are serious deficit import and export profit, the main reason is the technical content of the injection molding machine. Along with the domestic automation process accelerating, believe in the injection molding machine industry in China soon transform and upgrade technology, from a technical level improved, and the injection molding machine towards automation, is just around the corner.
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