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Vertical injection molding machine failure of adjustable die failure and treatment methods

by:Hisson     2020-08-25
Vertical injection molding machine for injection molding process is commonly used one kind of injection molding equipment, used by technical personnel in the process of debugging and unit of injection molding processing, the variable is one of the important steps in injection molding, when the unit will not adjusting mode, what reason be? And what kind of treatment? Below we vertical injection molding machine brand manufacturer and you make the following analysis: 1. Reason may be that mechanical level and parallelism error. When the situation lead to the die failure, we can use the level Angle square, adjust the parallelism and level. 2. Wire clamp with adjustable die gap is too small. With a feeler, adjust the pressure plate and nut clearance, adjustable die nut and the pressure plate clearance ( Clearance & le; 0. 05 m m) 。 3. Burning nut. Can see the nut rotation fever presence of iron powder, replace the nut. 4. Top and bottom plate is adjusted. Spending down the plate lock nut check, adjust the adjusting nut. 5. The I/O board. Check whether there is a signal output points on computer page, maintenance of electronic board. 6. The variable valve core. Remove the check valve, clean the valve. 7. The variable motor. Check the oil motor, replace or repair the oil motor. On vertical injection molding machine failure occur in use process, vertical injection molding machine manufacturer recommended brand professional personnel for processing.
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