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Vertical injection molding machine feeding way

by:Hisson     2020-07-25
With the expansion of the demand of vertical injection molding machine, the enterprise competitiveness is also escalating, the vertical injection molding machine industry development prospect is very considerable. So what are vertical injection molding machine feeding way? Standard of vertical injection molding machine there are three kinds of charging ways: first, after feeding material and fixed material. According to the nozzle and the condition of material to choose the right means of loading. 1. Before charging: each injection, plasticizing after reaching piasticising requirements, injected back, until the next move again when work cycle, make the nozzle contact with mold, injection. This method is used for the nozzle temperature not easy control and high back pressure, prevent backflow. 2. Charging: after injection of complete injection is back, and then to carry on the forecast model, at the start of the work for the next cycle, injection to proceed injection. This method is used for the nozzle temperature is not easy to control and processing clean plastic. 3. Fixed feeding: in the whole process of injection molding, spray nozzle and mould has maintained contact. This method is suitable for the nozzle temperature easy to control and plastic molding has a wide temperature range. For vertical injection molding machine feeding way what today vertical injection molding machine manufacturer here today for everyone to share, vertical injection molding machine is one of the most consumable injection molding equipment, vertical injection molding products of more than 30% of the total production of plastic products, its characteristic is easy to produce automation, production cycle is short, strong adaptability, yield power.
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