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Vertical injection molding machine for maintenance and maintenance

by:Hisson     2020-08-13
Vertical injection molding machine is specially used for the use of injection molding machinery and equipment, injection molding machine factory think for mechanical equipment, its maintenance and maintenance is very important, today we vertical injection molding machine manufacturer and introduce the relevant knowledge about vertical injection molding machine maintenance, hope to be of help. 1. Check the hydraulic oil storage condition to see if enough, less than it should be added accordingly in time, oil should be required to keep clean. 2. Equipment requires lubrication points at regular intervals in accordance with the relevant provisions add oil for lubrication, regular cleaning filter equipment. Ensure equipment around clean, prevent dirt from entering the tank. 3. After each run should be put on the device dirt rub-up, smooth surface should be greased. 4. Regularly check appliances part to remove dirt, oil, dust, ensure the electrical contact clean, clear the dirt and dust on the connection on a regular basis. In vertical injection molding machine for injection molding machine maintenance work, has accumulated rich experience of common problems.
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