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Vertical injection molding machine how to operate

by:Hisson     2020-08-13
Now vertical injection molding machine is to shape a kind of advanced plastic machinery, can be used to it the clinker for processing and forming, plastic processing is a very common type of processing machinery, injection molding machine main action procedure is very simple. First of all, is the nozzle move forward to the appropriate location, and injection, the cylinder pressure after injection plastic raw materials. Secondly, on the shaping of in advance, determine the shape shape after reduction to consolidate the whole shape, remove the nozzle back to the raw material for cooling. When the whole plastic is began to take shape after cooling, by this time can open mould and ejection materials will be at the same time. Finally, clamping and then complete the whole production process. The main operating projects include the vertical injection molding machine to control the keyboard and operating, but also the electrical control cabinet operation technology and corresponding knowledge of hydraulic system operation. Because in the process of injecting materials involved to the pressure force, speed, type and other related operations is closely related to the project. VAT at the same time in the control and adjustment of current, voltage and temperature monitoring require the operator has the certain knowledge and operation technology. In the process of vertical injection molding machines generally will be divided into manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic operation. Manual operating because of the need to fully take manual, so usually only when the need for commissioning the variable will only choose entirely manual. And semi-automatic operation is machine self cycle fixed action to get it done, in the end need to manually remove the artifacts. Automatic cycle is completely by machine itself, does not need to pause and successive.
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