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Vertical injection molding machine how to overcome the product injection shortage?

by:Hisson     2020-08-09
Vertical injection molding machine in note material shortage often as the material of product before his full of cavity has formed, namely, of course, there are many other reasons why, what's the reason? Then by the precision analysis for you. Vertical injection molding machine equipment reasons: (1) hopper interrupt; (2) the hopper neck part or the whole block; (3) plus shoes is not enough; (4) charging control system is not normal operation; (5) injection molding machine is plasticizing capacity is too small; 6 equipment caused by abnormal injection cycle. Vertical injection molding machine injection molding conditions: (1) the injection pressure is too low; (2) in the injection cycle injection pressure loss is too big; (3) the injection time is too short; (4) injection total pressure time is too short; (5) injection rate is too slow; 6. Material disruption in the flow inside cavity; All landowners molding rate range; Was abnormal operating conditions caused by the injection cycle. Vertical injection molding machine temperature reasons: (1) improve the temperature of the material; (2) improve the nozzle temperature; (3) check the millivoltmeter, thermocouple, resistance electric heating circle ( Or far infrared heating device) And heating system; (4) improve the die temperature; 5. Check the mold temperature control device. Vertical injection molding machine mould runner is too small; (2) the gate is too small; (3) the nozzle hole is too small; (4) gate location is not reasonable; (5) gate number; 6. Slag hole is too small; All landowners exhaust; End mold injection cycle caused by abnormal; Vertical injection molding machine material: material poor liquidity.
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