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Vertical injection molding machine in the usual production injection molding need to pay attention to the problems and solutions

by:Hisson     2020-08-17
Vertical injection molding machine in the usual production injection molding need to pay attention to the problems and solutions in our peacetime use of vertical injection molding machine in the process of production operation stage of the need to experience more of its every stage to ensure the precision of qualified, if a step in the production of a certain stage of the problem must be timely solve, whether the consequences will be very serious, so everyone in the production of vertical injection molding machine must be in accordance with the method of accurate operation, so as not to cause some accidents. Whenever we become a injection molding products, the first plastic will melt liquid material with pressure injection into the mold, the liquid material is uniformly distributed in the mould, after mould of plastic liquid cooling, and then open mould then can see the shape of the expected by taking out the product. Take the device with a needle to put out the product into the basket, this completes the product injection at a time. Because in the actual production process, some machine collision or some 7788 reasons can cause some plastic particles remain in the mold, need timely cleaning, whether the words at the time of the next injection production, these plastic particles, left over from the machine will lead to break the mould. Clear particles is very important, but how do we know so many times when there will be a plastic molding production of granule residue? We can pack in the top of the vertical injection molding machine, a real-time monitoring system of injection molding through the camera sensor to the system in the production of each phase of the photography and the obtained image, compared with that under the actual benchmark figure we do after we can by comparing the results of the automatic control of the action of vertical injection molding machine, let him stop when there are residual particles for the next injection production, it can be effective to solve in the process of mold production are easy to be destroyed the residual plastic granule. Operating personnel in the use of vertical injection molding machine of time if found any abnormal must timely stop vertical injection molding machine, and then to the injection molding machine parts for screening, identify problems trying to clean the machine again after production.
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