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Vertical injection molding machine in water treatment of injection molding machine factory have?

by:Hisson     2020-10-29
Now more and more in injection molding industry factory. In the use of injection molding machine, then, if you meet after how should we deal with the water? Then by the injection molding machine factory to explain several processing methods for you. Processing method in vertical injection molding machine in water injection flooding may lead to the inside of the electrical control box after electrical, machine hydraulic system, lubrication system and so on different levels of water, under such circumstances, can be divided into the following parts to analysis: one, the electrical control part of the electrical parts in water, can cause a variety of original electric rust corrosion and insulation performance degradation phenomenon. General process is as follows: 1, disconnect all power supply; 2, in the shortest time after the water, will I/O computer host plate under the battery from above ( Advise clients timely operation) Because of I/O board did not remove the battery case, individual components is still in the state of electricity, which can accelerate these components of the degree of rust and corrosion, will increase the difficulty of the component maintenance and repair costs; 3, the whole point of the electrical components in the cabinet will be removed ( Service operation) Clean with alcohol, necessary to decompose the parts cleaning, including I/O board, 24 v power supply, 5 v power supply, transformer, ac contactor, air switch, axial flow fan, etc. 4, dry, with field drying hopper will be fully dry, all components can be decomposed components stratification in drying hopper after clean, drying temperature in 50 ~ 70 ℃, the drying time of 8 ~ 10 hours, test the insulation resistance value is in accordance with the requirements ( Generally measured with 200 k file) To determine whether completely dry; 5, to dry completely energized electrical components separate checks ( Service operation) , in good condition can be installed to use. 2, 1, cannot open motor oil pump, hydraulic part because after open motor hydraulic oil into the water may enter the machine hydraulic piping system, lead to metal hydraulic components corrosion; 2, check whether the hydraulic oil into the water. Open rack plug at the bottom of the tank, let out a small amount of oil, with pieces of paper with a little light, if we can't light the fire burning has a crack in the process of explosive, then with water in the hydraulic oil, need to replace all the hydraulic oil. ( Also using anhydrous copper sulfate test will turn blue, blue is water) ; 3, if the oil in the water, you need to replace the hydraulic oil tank. With a clean cloth to wipe before oil change tank; Three, other part 1, separate the motor stator and rotor, motor stator winding for dry processing ( Can let the professional repair motor processing, can also use 100 w bulb into electrical cabinet drying process about eight hours) , must ensure that the insulation resistance & ge; 0. 4 mΩ Clean with gasoline, motor bearing down after check whether use, is replacing bearing the same specification; 2, lubrication pump lubrication pump motor, stator and rotor pump bravery separation, can use dry drying hopper fixed set of winding processing, must ensure that the insulation resistance & ge; 0. 4 mΩ , pump if rust stuck mold rust remover spray can be used into the pump inside bravery derusting, bravery inside the gear pump flexible rotation. 3, size models ( UN320 above models) Must, connectors, the connector plug socket ( Aviation plug) Separate, dry processing (after cleaning Can use hair dryer) 。 Four 1, servo motor and control system, electrical components, circuit boards to use alcohol clean with the wind blow dry reoccupy after oven or drying hopper to 55 ℃ dry for 24 hours. 2, servo motor, encoder and motor stator of dry and bearing protection, prevent rust. After the above parts processing, restore the assembled parts, electric commissioning. Finally, the injection molding machine factory indicated that due to water or blister of vertical injection molding machine, ningbo love machinery to provide door-to-door repair and maintenance services.
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