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Vertical injection molding machine injection mold, the cause of the gas discharge

by:Hisson     2020-07-31
On vertical injection molding machine for mold injection molding process, often see gas discharge, do you know these gases come from? And guangdong together to learn about the vertical injection molding machine manufacturer. 1. Vertical feed system of injection molding machine and mold cavity in the air; 2. All of them didn't dry moisture of raw material under the environment of high temperature gasification into water vapor; 3. Vertical injection molding machine for injection molding process, the high temperature let some unstable nature of the gas produced by the decomposition of plastics; 4. Vertical injection molding machine of plastic raw materials of some additives volatile or mutual chemical reaction to produce gas. Vertical injection molding machine of the bad things will affects the operation of the unit or the exhaust affects the quality of the product, therefore, for vertical injection molding machine in mould injection molding process, for the reason of bubble to find out as soon as possible, carries on the analysis to solve, to ensure that the injection molding product quality.
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