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Vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine belong to what industry, is related to die?

by:Hisson     2020-09-14
A lot of people for injection molding machine which belongs to the industry are not clear, not clear is whether it is related to the mold. So, vertical injection molding machine factory for you to answer the following. So-called injection molding machine is the plastic raw materials are heated to a certain temperature and then injected into the mold for molding machine and CNC you learn, the injection molding machine program are factory set specified death mode, the system! Don't often programming! ( Application: clamping - Shoot rubber - Sol - Loose back - Cooling - Open mould - Ejection cycle) Of course some function of injection molding machine will be different, just computer system function is not the same, Is the equivalent of xp and w7) Injection molding machine is divided into four systems roughly: clamping systems, injection system, hydraulic system, electrical control system, what you said is programming control system!
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