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Vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine injection molding pieces of the faults and remedies

by:Hisson     2020-09-13
People are eager to have a logical, systematic approach to deal with faults, and a lot of time of injection molding machine all have their own operational strategy, compilation of these strategies is the most important is to ensure that all language meaning is clear, and can be all concerned people to understand. Want to note a shortcoming, a clear description of all possible causes to check. The impact should also into account, and when the cause of being resolved, should take the necessary steps, reduce and prevent the recurrence of it. Next by vertical injection molding machine manufacturer to introduce you to the following six strategies. 1, name shortcomings. Because the faults have different names, so when decided to use the name they don't change. 2, describe faults. Describe faults may include a possible reasons. For example: & other; Insufficient injection & throughout; That the incomplete injection, may be described as & other; Insufficient pressure mold filling & throughout; Or & other Insufficient filling mold plastic & throughout; Try to use the most simple words but not involved in any possible reason to describe, this is a very useful method in this way, when we are looking for the cause of the faults in the next step will not have any prejudice. 3, looking for the cause of the defect, it could be a long process, because he needs to consider the plastic, injection molding machine, mold processing. The following are recommended guidelines. A, plastic: check level or type, check the impurities, and confirm it conform to the specifications of the manufacturer. If the faults in the same maker a few batch of plastic or another supplier the same plastic are very similar, which showed that the plastic is no problem. B, injection molding machine, injection molding machine who bear the function of all parts, and to consider any possible factors that affect pressure ratio, temperature, and time, if the fault is intermittent, it usually suggested that injection molding machine operating errors, such as a bad heat line caused by temperature fluctuations, if faults occur in a single-mode cavity die in the same position, which suggests that the cause of the problem lies in a flute material cylinder device, or the injection control adjustment. C, mould: determine whether mold is properly installed, and at the right temperature, and all the parts are running smoothly. If the defect is always appear in the same or more mold cavity, the faults often appear in the feed systems, ( As a service in the cavity of the runner or gate) 。 D, machining process: check the pressure, temperature, and time is according to the plastic supplier recommended. If the mould used in another injection molding machine faults disappeared, defect is probably because processing conditions and the original machine used in the production of the consistency problem. If the other person to operate injection molding machine faults disappeared, the occurrence of faults may be human error. Should check speed, injection movement management and residence time of door opening and closing. 4, confirm that the effect of faults, if the shortcomings make injection molded parts cannot be used or sold, the defect must be eliminated. 5, determine the responsibility where it may be just the academic research interest, but if the faults appear again, the operator and raw materials, injection molding machine, mold and processing are to win. 6, take action to avoid the disadvantages. Can't take the appropriate action will produce a cheap plastic and thus affect the project's profitability. Injection molding defects of each case, the disadvantage of injection molded parts is usually caused by the following factors: the operation of the injection molding machine, the function of the mould or plastic processing performance, etc. , problems or shortcomings are usually have more than one cause. Each of the following faults are vertical under the title of the injection molding machine, mold and plastic injection molding machine manufacturer provides recommended remedies.
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