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Vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine of grinding tool to protect system security protection of several elements

by:Hisson     2020-09-10
As the most main production injection molding factory tool, it determines the shape of the product, specifications, size and appearance of finish. Hardware mold materials for steel, generally consists of mold before/after the mould. Next by vertical injection molding machine manufacturer for you about the injection molding machine grinding tool to protect system security protection of several elements. Mold protection such as precision mould has a specific vulnerability characteristics of mould is very important for the security and protection, so the overall induction has the following several aspects: 1. Rust prevention: to prevent injection molding tools and water/condensate/rain/hand caused by the rust phenomenon. 2. Collision avoidance: prevent mold for thimble has mold caused by fracture, not back in place the crashed. 3. In addition to sting: prevent mold by wipe cloth wipe rush/material/hand/nozzle clamp touch mould caused by burrs. 4. Short: prevent mold die due to lack of rod/washer parts damaged in the process of use. 5. Pressure defense: prevent mold due to still remain products and clamping mould bruised. 6. Undervoltage: prevent mold due to the low voltage protection stress damage. There because of the thimble fracture has not been back in place, mould residues, thimble auxiliary products, the lack of parts is the proportion of the damage of the mould is higher, and that the more frequently, so this is so why more than 85% of the mold damage, and mould maintenance cost is higher, usually so how to avoid the happening of this kind of situation is directly related to the interests of the injection molding industry. In order to prevent the result of a damaged mold production delays, and high maintenance cost, and at the same time in order to save human resources, encyclopeolia after continuous research and improvement of science and technology, using machine vision technology developed a product, called & other; Mould protector & throughout; 。 Monitor, tooling or mold protector, also called mold electronic eye, can effectively protect the value of expensive mold. Mold expert luo hui said, injection molding machine mold protection system, installed in the injection molding machine, can be directly check whether the product is unqualified, and check the presence of residues, prior to closing to prevent mold damage. Injection molding machine is running, each cycle, expensive mold is likely to be for plastic residue or dislocation sliding block are in danger of damage, encyclopeolia to prevent these happen, prevent mold closing and alarm automatically when exception occurs. If because no take effective protection of mold, mold damage, we give you the following Suggestions: mold maintenance notice: 1. Removing the mould, to avoid bruising and drench water, moving smoothly. 2. Spray hot mould, spray a small amount of mold release 3. Want to die to conduct a comprehensive inspection and antirust processing, carefully wipe dry cavity, core, ejection mechanism and moisture and sundry, in areas such as the lines of a rust agent and spray mold armor and butter. Mold maintenance of mold in the process of continuous work, because in the process of the movement to the wear and tear parts, lubricants, water leakage, crushed plastic materials, the need for mold maintenance. Mould maintenance generally divided into the daily maintenance and daily maintenance generally lower die maintenance tools include the following aspects: 1. Regular cleaning ( The appearance, PL, cavity, core, etc. ) 2. Add lubricant to regularly ( Ejection mechanism, line, etc. ) 3. Replaced periodically easy wear parts ( Rod, bolts, etc. ) 4. Other need to pay attention to the mould of lower die maintenance required by professional maintenance personnel mold will be removed after the mould cavity, such as professional thimble test protection.
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