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Vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine of how to maintain

by:Hisson     2020-09-15
Injection molding machine is one of commonly used equipment in the plastic processing industry, usually it to factory work time, so how to guarantee the stability of injection machine in continuous production of normal work? In both injection machine manufacturer or user is a worthy of attention and efforts to solve problems, in terms of user perspective, on the premise of correct choose injection machines, regular preventive maintenance is the guarantee of a effective way to injection machine to work normally. So, in our daily use of injection molding machine, how should we correct maintenance? Then by vertical injection molding machine factory for you. So-called preventive maintenance is a series of prevention and inspection, in order to avoid machine malfunction, prolong the working life of the parts parts, such as production will suddenly appear caused the failure to foresee and can plan downtime repair or overhaul; Timely find and replace the damaged parts can prevent damage of chain sex is preventive maintenance work. At the same time in order to be able to achieve the best performance and prolong the service life of the injection molding machine, to improve the durability of the machine, the machine regularly check and make corresponding repair and maintenance is necessary. Preventive maintenance work content is as follows: the production efficiency, reduce downtime and keep normal running speed can improve the efficiency of production; The machine precision; Timely replacement has been aging or worn or damaged parts can keep the precision of the machine; Life: parts replaced periodically quick-wear part, proper adjustment and lubrication and appropriate environmental conditions ( Temperature, humidity, dust attached) Can prolong the life of parts. Preventive maintenance of injection machine is a hydraulic, electrical, mechanical, and other technical equipment, with the maturity of the technology and development, is the combination of more closely, so the injection machine preventive maintenance work is according to the hydraulic, electrical and mechanical three parties to points above. Hydraulic parts of hydraulic oil volume of oil deficiency can lead to increased oil WenYi, air is easy to dissolve in oil and the normal operation of the oil and the hydraulic system, oil shortage is usually the loss caused by oil spill or repair, therefore daily should pay attention to the site to check for leaks, replace worn seals, as early as possible to tighten loose coupling, etc. , after repair to check the amount of oil, gas supply in time. The hydraulic oil temperature in the end, vertical injection molding machine factory is pointed out that the ideal of the hydraulic system working temperature should be between 45 degrees - 50 degrees, the reason is the hydraulic system is designed based on a selected pressure oil viscosity, but viscosity changes with the discretion of the oil temperature, thus affecting work of the system components, such as oil cylinder, hydraulic valve, the control accuracy and response sensitivity is reduced, especially in the case of precision injection machine. High temperature at the same time also will accelerate the seals aging makes its hardening, fracture; Temperature is too low processing and energy consumption, lower the running speed. So pay close attention to the working temperature of hydraulic oil is very necessary. High oil temperature has a variety of causes, but more due to hydraulic failure or the failure of the cooling system, etc.
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