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Vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine of plastic package wind problems, how to do?

by:Hisson     2020-09-12
Injection molding machine in product processing, injection molded parts how to package the wind problems should be how to solve? The following from the analysis of vertical injection molding machine manufacturer for you. Less than one, the phenomenon of air or gas discharge, sandwiched between melt front within the cavity. Second, the possible reasons for injection molding machine, high firing rate. Product: wall thickness difference is too big. Wall thickness difference is too large, thin wall plastic flow is slow, the melt follow thick wall ahead rapidly and is likely to air or gas in the cavity to carry on the flank, form a package. Mould has: 1. Inappropriate position of sprue gate location is not at that time, the plastic flow is likely to flank, air or gas to form the wind. Change the gate location, can change the filling pattern and package is likely to avoid wind. 2. Port ( 跑步者) Or improper gate size, gate design flow and/or gate size if improper, plastic flow is likely to outflank air or gas, form a package. 3. The venting is not good if the venting is not good, wavefront convergent will be involved in the air or gas, form a package. Three, the solution to reduce the rate. Review the product design. Review the mold design. ( Gate, flow runner and exhaust & hellip; … )
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